Welcome to Adarsh School


The Child is the centre of all our aspiration. A Good School Affords no greater resposnility, no greater privilege than the raising of next generation with good knowledge, love, caring and peace. Every Child today holds the key for tomorrow. To relate the child with his land and ancestors, is the direct clear and unambiguous mandate for education. We have to achieve the all round development of the child through education and sanskar, inculcation of time honored values and traditions. We prepare the Child for Life and its Challenges.


With the changing time our mission is to recognize the unique learning and motivational needs of the students. Our aim is that all students become life long learner and productive citizens in a global society through a programme of educational excellence utilizing technology and activities involving parents and community. The sole aim is to build up this institution which caters quality education at an affordable cost, irrespective of caste and religion and to inculcate education and moral values in the young minds. It succeeded in its primary aim of giving quality education to its pioneers and sought after its establishment in rural background. We make them learn to respect the society and understand the importance of fraternity.



The aim of Adarsh Sr. Sec. School is to provide value based and affordable education to those who are desirous of outstanding achievements in learning discovery and citizenship in a creative community building one of the world's greatest educational setup. Our main vision is to bring educational institution which dispelling ignorance, boosts moral values, building character which inspires confidence to face life's challenges and also helps students to become responsible and informed citizen. We Nurture the Child's Hidden talent and makes them enjoy the Learning We believe that it would be in the interest of the country and its all round development if there is uniform standardized quality education. Every Child is Different kind of Flower, and all together make this world a beautiful garden.